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  1. ខ្ញុំសូមយកមតិខ្ញុំមកពីវែបសាយផ្សេងមកដាក់់នៅទីនេះផង។អរគុណ

    7 makara 1979 Uons started colonizing cambodia.On 17 méssa1975,
    yuons planned to organized the killing field so that most of khmerintellectuels,
    scholars,doctors,engeneers,khmer nationalist,khmer artists,khmer singers.
    khmer peoplewere killed,they can easily invadecambodia and swallow by stealing
    everything from cambodia,by bringing millions of illegal
    viets into cambodia to live in cambodia and steal khmer natural
    resources and take to their countryand make khmer people so poor
    in order to control cambodia and cambodian leaders until they can
    swallow in the futur.They are the thieves and the killers.7 makara is not the day
    they rescue khmers from killing,is the day they star colonizing
    cambodia,but on 17 april 1979,yuonsstar killing khmers until now.

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        • Thanks,
          And iI feel bad that many khmer people still believe what they see as true.It
          is not true.Vietnam is never a good friend of any country.7 makara is purely
          the day of invasion and 17 april 1975 is the day of their interference in cambodia’s
          affairs so that they can dream of invasion.Kem sokha,the vice-president of Cambodia’s new opposition party(cambodia national

          rescue party=CNRP) said recently that the khmer rouge does not exis because

          it is only a theater that vietnam uses to hide its heinous act of killing millions of cambodians

          in cambodia between 1975-1979.Why he said like this because it is hanoi who created

          the khmer rouge so that the world see only khmers killing khmers,not hanoi.That’s why

          he said the khmer rouge did not exist.But china alos wanted to topple Lno Nol

          the president of khmer republic,supported by USA.That’s why china associate

          with north vietnam to fight against Lon Nol by supporting sihanouk whose popularity

          could garantee the victory agaisnt LOn Nol.However china was cheated by hanoi

          after it got victory against south vietnam and khmer republic of Lon Nol in 1975,so that

          it get out of china’s grip then it allies with soviet from it suck all military aids until

          sovietn collapses in the 1990.Vietnam is a nation that no all countries in the

          world no longer trust.Its wars with France ,USA ,china,Cambodia…are good lessons

          to learn and to take precautions in the futur.

          As for the 7 makara 1979,wich was proclaimed to be the day that vietnam

          liberated cambodians from the killing field ,is a pure illusion that most westerners

          see and believe in.They don’t searchfor the truth behind the illusion,so they believe

          from what they see and hear that khmers kill khmesr and vietnam came to liberate

          khmers from the the act of killing of each other.But don’t forget,the killing field

          did end,since the date of “liberation” ,khmers continued to be killed by “khmers”.

          In fact,the day of khmer rouge’s victory on 17 April 1975 is the day of organization(=Angkar)

          of the killing field and the day of “liberation” 0n 7 January 1979 is day of colonisation

          of Cambodia.

          The snake captured its prey(frog on 17 april 1975 and is swallow it on 7 january 1979.


            • Nyon Chea,brother khmer rouge #2 said that himself.But he did say that many cambodians
              still believe that because vietnam is an war opportunist to invade cambodia.In the past(19th century) as you knew,thailand and vietnam fail to share cambodian in half (the east goes to Vietnam and the west goes
              to thailand .But France has stopped their act of robbering Cambodia.Then when Vietnam was divided in northand south vietnam,they have full will to libeate their country then to robber cambodia again by
              organize many tactics to weaken cambodia first before invading.So how they do?
              well they group all the cambodian vietminh that get determination to follow hanoi order : chasing
              out America first and then execute their communist plan:killing all khmer scholars,khmer doctor,engineers,
              khmer natioanlists,khmer artist or singers,khmer intellectuels,… and general killing and stravation…
              that make cambodia so weak and it is easy for them to invade Cambodia and at the samet time to announce on the theater in which they set up ,that vietnam, a good friend of cambodia had liberate cambodian people from the Khmer Rouge.Many cambodians and westerners believe it is true,so
              does the world and thus the truth is hiddenThey see only the illusion:the theater play..


                • below is only my opinion about the fate of Cambodia (our country)​ in the past:

                  After Sihanouk got independence for Cambodia in1953,he declared neutrality for Cambodia, but china already had a plan to take him as its pawn to fight against the capitalism(America). China is afraid of being surrounded by the capitalism.That’s why china helped Vietnam in fighting against France and America until getting victory,but china was cheated by Vietnam by allying with soviet.In the north in the1950s,china had to help north Korea to fight against South Korea ,supported by western countries such America ,Canada…but that war was stopped ,each side could not get victory.As for Cambodia,china had to make Sihanouk becomes its great friend by building many factories in Cambodia and making the Cambodia’s economy in the 1960s flourish and so most Cambodians love Sihanouk so much ,and when he (Sihanouk) gets the Preah Vihear 1962 back from Thailand, he got more popularity until he was called the father of Cambodia, and many Cambodians even thought he is god.

                  However, Khmer people had to pay for their ignorance about getting aids from China, Sihanouk had to collaborate with china in the Vietnam war by allowing north Vietnamese troops to go into Cambodia and supplying them the shelters and foods. But this is what Sihanouk did not see as the aggression of Cambodia’s integrity and then this was making a lot of Khmer people feel very disappointed about Sihanouk’s neutral policy ,so the Khmer national assembly had to oust him and choose a new leader for Cambodia (Lon Nol). Sihanouk is not a Khmer leader chosen by Khmer people,he was installed as Khmer leader by the France.Cambodia is not democratic yet,but will to follow the capitalist countries’s democracy for the respect of human rights and freedom.Unlike the communist countries,most of the countries living under the capitalism had their economy flourished.In the 1970 before Sihanouk was ousted ,we Khmer people had to choose Sihanouk or Lon Nol.But our country was split in two ne part controlled by Lon Nol,the other (jungle)was controlled by the Khmer rouge ,having Sihanouk as its top leader(in 1976, Sihanouk became the president of Khmer rouge,but he was cheated by Khmer rouge who brought him in their ranks just because Sihanouk could bring so many Cambodians and Vietcongs to join the Khmer rouge in fighting against Lon nol.So at that time, Khmer people have only two leader to choose which was Sihanouk or Lon no.But Khmer people(the majority)chose Sihanouk,the wrong one,which lead to the total destruction of Cambodia between 1975-1979.China had reached its goal: chasing out the capitalism (America) that was expanding into Indochina.

                  Cambodia would have a good future if all Cambodians could defend Cambodia’s integrity and become a capitalist country at that time under the protection of America and all the western countries that has the UN as its headquarter in New York, America.


  2. Thank and appreciate for your opinions regarding Sangkum Reas Niyum era and China involment ! But your opinions did not pinpoint about Vietminh of Ho Chi Minh and, or an original Cambodian People Party early 1950’s and 1960’s. If you don’t mind, please pinpoint or describe about it. We want to see the points that may led or added to the destruction of Sangkum Reas Niyum by this organization.



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